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6xV8fApI1RKadUKMHsBbCYc3lQWshx8D3SaKF_IfC60Whether she’s knee deep in a snowstorm trying to capture the perfect frosty macro shot, Perched out the top of her jeep shooting a rattlesnake, or just weekend adventuring with her husband and two beautiful little girls, Christa is always searching for that perfect light.

In the rare moments she’s not carrying one of her cameras, she’s forever taking photos with her mind. Composing, lighting, framing… click. Her mind’s eye, shooting. Constantly. She has a heart for seeing the beauty in all things.

Christa loves capturing emotion, raw, and in the moment. Candid photography and natural light photography are her specialties. She’d love to help you execute your dreams and vision, or create a fresh new perspective.